2014 National Electrical Code, Paperback


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Stay up-to-code and organized with the 2017 edition of the NEC® in paperback format.

The electrical industry-driven modifications incorporated into the 2014 NEC® redefine electrical safety!

Since being adopted and gaining notoriety across the nation, The National Electrical Code has proved invaluable, saving an incredible amount of lives and individuals from injury with its comprehensive electrical wiring and equipment requirements.  Learn what’s next after new technologies have been incorporated in the industry and don’t miss a beat when the Code moves forward!  The 2014 NEC is crucial for safeguarding people and property, as well as adhering to strict rules and avoiding costly and dangerous infringements.

Are you up-to-code? Get the NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE 2014 today! Many new and revised requirements in the NEC 2014 impact residential, commercial, and industrial electrical installations so be sure you are using this new edition which covers the latest requirements on electrical wiring and equipment installation issues. All requirements in the NEC are confirmed through a review process and always reflect the latest electrical and wiring technologies. For over 100 years, the NEC has been the foundation of electrical wiring and practice and has become the most trusted electrical standard throughout much of the world.

NFPA 70: National Electrical Code is the nation's benchmark code for safe electrical installation, and the sturdy 2017 NEC Looseleaf is the right choice for busy electrical professionals who need job information at their fingertips. (Looseleaf, 888 pp., 2017)

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