Atlas Basic Construction Math Review, 3rd Edition
The Basic Construction Math Review is completely updated and reorganized for current examinations! Product Details Construction competency tests are usually...
All-New 2011 Mastering the NEC 12-Volume Complete DVD Set
Introducing the ALL-NEW 2011 MASTERING THE NEC COMPLETE DVD SET! This in-depth analysis and application of the 2011 National Electrical...
API RP 17G (R2016) New
API RP 17G (R2016)
Recommended Practice for Completion / Workover Risers, Second Edition, July 2006: Reaffirmed, September 2016 (Identical to ISO 13628-7:2005) STANDARD by American Petroleum...
API SPEC 17D (R2018) New
API SPEC 17D (R2018)
Design and Operation of Subsea Production Systems-Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment, Second Edition; ISO 13628-4 (Identical), Design and operation of...
API Spec 16R (R2010) New
API Spec 16R (R2010)
Marine Drilling Riser Couplings STANDARD by American Petroleum Institute, 01/01/1997 Covers the design, rating, manufacturing, and testing of marine driller riser couplings....
API RP 16Q New
Design, Selection, Operation, and Maintenance of Marine Drilling Riser Systems, Second Edition STANDARD by American Petroleum Institute, 04/01/2017 API 16Q provides requirements for the...
API Spec 16F New
API Spec 16F
Specification for Marine Drilling Riser Equipment, Second Edition, Includes Errata 1 (2019) STANDARD by American Petroleum Institute, 11/01/2017 This specification establishes standards of...
API Spec 16D New
API Spec 16D
Control Systems for Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control Systems for Diverter Equipment, Third Edition STANDARD by American Petroleum Institute, 11/01/2018 This specification...
API Spec 16C New
API Spec 16C
Choke and Kill Equipment, Second Edition, Includes Errata 1&2 (2015), Errata 3&4 (2016), Addendum 1 (2016) STANDARD by American Petroleum Institute, 03/01/2015...