2014 NEC Handbook - National Electrical Code Handbook (2014 Edition)


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Stay ahead of the game with electrical answers and support in the 2014 National Electrical Code® Handbook from W Marketing.

2014 NEC Handbook Details

The exclusive 2014 National Electrical Code Handbook from NFPA® lets you stay relevant and well-informed with expert NEC® support

The NEC has been making updates to texts because staying up-to-code is crucial when it comes to electrical components, systems and practices.  Make sure you are well-informed with the single most valuable tool for NEC users — the 2014 NEC Handbook.  This is your hands-on source for practical solutions and code principles needed to comply with the newest NEC regulations, avoid violations, and keep installations on time and on budget.

The 2014 NEC Handbook is loaded with features you won’t find anywhere else:

  • This is the full 2014 NEC text — no other electrical reference contains this wealth of knowledge!
  • This handbook contains authoritative, expert commentary that touches upon changes in the 2014 NEC’s requirements, including new rules focused on workplace safety
  • Inside you’ll find first-time commentary on brand new articles.  An example of this is the overview of recommendations for applying Article 840‘s rules for premises-powered broadband communications electrical systems
  • Over 500 full-color diagrams, photos, tables, graphics and charts that can’t be found in the Code
  • Visual cues that help to seamlessly identify Code changes.  Revised NEC text has been shaded in a tan color, while vertical rules indicate additions and bullet points alert the reader to deletions — just like in the NEC.
  • Commentary is shown in a shade of blue, so it’s effortlessly distinguished from existing mandatory provisions.

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