NEC 2011 Analysis of Changes - Spiral


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On schedule, the three-year review of the National Electrical Code has resulted in updates for industry advances, new energy systems and the resulting installations, and added safety for existing practices. Among these hundreds of changes, IAEI has selected to examine the more significant ones and to analyze three new articles from NEC-2011. Dramatic photos and detailed drawings illustrate Analysis of Changes, NEC-2011—both technically and humorously.

Article 399, Outdoor, Overhead Conductors, Over 600 Volts covers the use, installation and construction specifications for outdoor, overhead conductors, over 600 volts.

Article 694, Small Wind Electric Systems, applies to small wind (turbine) electric systems consisting of one or more wind electric generators with individual systems up to and including 100 kW. These systems can include generators, alternators, inverters, and controllers.

Article 840, Premises-Powered Broadband Communications Systems, covers premises-powered optical fiber-based broadband communications systems that provide any combination of voice, video, data, and interactive services through an optical network terminal (ONT).

Softcover: 400 pages, approximately